Greater San Diego

Depression Therapists in San Diego, CA

There are plenty of San Diego, CA, depression therapists available to handle your care, but Jennifer C Nagode MD PhD offers the support of a doctor who’s board certified in psychiatry. We strive to offer a personal touch, and our practice allows our clients to have direct access to a doctor throughout their treatment program.

We aim to provide an environment that’s relaxing and comfortable, and we’re able to scale to our clients' needs. Our patients ask for our guidance because we offer:

  • Longer appointments with in-depth attention
  • Treatment options that are tailored to their needs
  • Plans that balance psychotherapy with medication

Jennifer C Nagode MD PhD works with clients who don’t have insurance, and we offer flexible hours. Our speedy response for every inquiry allows you to start treatment as soon as possible. As you consider the San Diego, CA, depression therapists available to address your needs, please remember that we offer the support of a highly experienced staff. Call us now, and we’ll help you find time to for an initial consultation.